We heartily welcome applicants for Bc., Ms. and Ph. D. studies

In the bachelor's study, students can acquire basic and practical oriented knowledge on General Physics, focusing on Surface Science, Macromolecular Physics and Plasma Physics, and prepare for the follow-up master's study.

In the master's study, our students focus on the Physics of Condensed Matter Systems and Materials, the Physics of Macromolecular Substances, and the Physics of Real Surfaces. Both Bc. and Ms.'s studies are held only in Czech, although it can be subject to change shortly.

The doctoral study takes place within the study program Biophysics, Chemical and Macromolecular Physics either in Czech or English.

The list of thesis topics is updated every year and can be found here.

The PhD study programme is planned for 4 years and starts twice a year

Applicable to anyone who holds a master's diploma, has a strong background in physics (chemistry also welcome), has a good command of English, and has the ability of independent creative work as well as teamwork

The details can be found here.

The 4-year PhD study will be in English (Czech is optional) and will include:

  • 1st year: the attendance to 3 lecture courses completed by the examination;
  • 2d year: the obligatory English exam;
  • 3d year: the obligatory state doctoral exam in physics;
  • 4th year: the defense of the PhD thesis

An interesting research throughout the entire period of the study is guaranteed. The participation in international conferences, visiting collaborative European institutes upon the student exchange programme Erasmus+ are additional bonuses. A student hostel (5 min walk to/from the department) can be provided.

For inquiries, feel free to contact me at choukourov@kmf.troja.mff.cuni.cz