Welcome to PLATAN

Andrei Choukourov’s group of
PLAsma-TAilored Nanomaterials

Our international group performs research in various areas of science, including but not limited to:

  • – thin film deposition and nanoparticle (NP) formation under vacuum and low-temperature plasma conditions;
  • – resistive switching in nanofluids for neuromorphic applications;
  • – hybrid nanomaterials for laser-driven ion acceleration and proton-boron fusion;
  • – NP-assembled mesoporous coatings for photoelectrochemical water splitting;
  • – plasmonic and photoluminescent metal/semiconductor nanoparticles;
  • – optically active nanofluids;
  • – nanomaterials with regenerative and antimicrobial activity for wound healing;
  • – phase separation and nanoconfinement in homo- and copolymer thin films;
  • – solution plasma processing of natural polymers;
  • – plasma agriculture.
Morphology of nanoparticles

About me

Prof. Ing. Andrey Shukurov Ph.D. (Andrei Choukourov)

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  • Charles University
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  • Department of Macromolecular Physics
  • V Holešovičkách 2,180 00 Prague, Czech Republic
  • Room: A442

Our Partners

We appreciate mutual research and discussions with scientific friends from all over the world.